Devastating Loss Against Gervonta Davis Ignites Fire of ‘Vengeance’ in Ryan Garcia, ‘Tired of the Disrespect’ King Ry Drops a Strong Heartfelt Revelation

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In a highly anticipated bout on 22 April 2023, Gervonta Davis solidified his reputation as a leading figure in American boxing by defeating Ryan Garcia.  ‘Tank’ floored Garcia in the second round and ultimately secured his victory in the seventh round with a flawless uppercut to the midsection. This knockout occurred in a packed T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip.

The scheduled 12-round bout had no titles at stake and occurred at a catchweight of 136 lbs. Despite this, the stakes were extremely high. Now, months after his loss, Ryan Garcia has penned down his true feelings for his anticipated comeback. In his recent Instagram story, ‘King Ry’ has cleared his stance as he seeks “vengeance.”

Ryan Garcia says he’s returning to the sport with a strong desire for revenge. In a selfie, where he looks outside of a car as though he is looking ahead to the future, the California native writes, “I’m honestly coming back with a vengeance.” Furthermore, he feels disrespected and claims he’s only been performing at 50% of his potential.

Garcia vows to change the public rumors about his potential. His focus has shifted from caring about social media to solely aiming for a championship. Moreover, he promises himself that he’s ready to win.  As he penned, “Tired of the disrespect. I’m fed up and l’ve been at 50% for so long, it’s going to be different. I promise that to my self. I don’t care about anything but becoming a champion. My eyes used to care about social media and what that did for my career now I don’t care I’m ready to WIN.”

Even while preparing himself for his next challenge, Ryan Garcia is updated with the recent happenings in the boxing world. This is because in a recent tweet he was highly critical of the recent Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis fight.

According to Garcia, Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis was “trash”

Logan Paul, a YouTuber-turned-boxer, fought Dillon Danis, a UFC fighter, on this Saturday. The match took place at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. Logan Paul won the bout via disqualification in the sixth and final round after Dillon Danis attempted a takedown for the second time.

‘King Ry’ a former WBC Lightweight division champion, was highly critical of the match. He took to social media shortly after the fight concluded to express his disappointment. Garcia labeled the match as “trash” and “embarrassing” for the sport of boxing. He specifically called out the sports streaming service DAZN, urging them not to air such matches in the future. His exact words were, “This was trash. Leave it on the internet. Dazn don’t put this stuff on again it’s embarrassing.”

Gervonta Davis proves he’s a force in boxing, while Ryan Garcia signals a fierce comeback. Garcia shifts focus from social media to championship goals, promising a new era for himself. Meanwhile, he criticizes the Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis bout, calling for higher standards in the sport. As fans we can only await what Garcia’s prowess has to offer.

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