After Earning $1.1 Billion And 15 World Championships, Floyd Mayweather Makes Honest Confession About “Comfortable Position” He Wanted His Family To Be In

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Floyd Mayweather is a Hall-of-Fame boxer who is still actively boxing in exhibition fights. In his career that spanned almost two decades, the fighter rose to fame for his impregnable defense and outstanding counterpunching abilities. With a record of 50 undefeated fights, he has carved out a legacy that many up-and-coming boxers would dream to have. His successful boxing career can be credited to his resilience.

Some of the most profitable fights in boxing history have ‘Money’s’ name imprinted on them. But his journey to the top was not an easy one. Born in the Mayweather family, Floyd knew what was expected of him. But as he grew up, he also faced the harsh reality of violence that his family had to put up with. Moreover, with his dad spending 5.5 years in jail for dealing drugs, he had to grow up faster than anyone would hope to. But today, after having earned more than a billion dollars, he breaks his silence on what the money meant to him.

Floyd Mayweather wanted financial stability for his family

It was not just about securing his life, or his kids’, his aim was farsighted. When Mayweather earned those massive fights he was looking to leave behind a monetary legacy that even his grandkids could reap benefits from. Elucidating on how he wanted his parents and his family to lead a life of comfort through his earnings, the fighter said, “I dedicated my whole life to the sport of boxing. And all I wanted to do was my family, my mother, my father in a comfortable position. My dad is a millionaire, my mother, she’s a millionaire. And the investments were for my grandchildren not just my children. You know, put them in a position… that’s what it is about.”

In 2017, ‘Money’ Mayweather fought his last professional fight against Conor McGregor. A year after his knockout victory, Forbes had estimated his net worth to be at a staggering $258 million. Years later, today it stands at $450 million.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s path was uniquely marked by the intricate dynamics within his family. An incident left a profound impression on him at the age of two.  He found himself caught in a shotgun confrontation between his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., and his uncle, “Baboon.” The backdrop to this event was the turbulent environment in their  Michigan home, characterized by drug-related issues and violence.

However, Mayweather found purpose in boxing from a very young age. His father nudged him toward the sport. Despite tribulations, including a name change to “Mayweather” at age 11, Mayweather’s dedication to the sport remained undeterred. A pivotal point came when Floyd Sr. was imprisoned for cocaine trafficking, leaving his son without both a father and a coach. His uncle, Roger Mayweather, stepped in. Nevertheless, Mayweather’s success in boxing can be attributed to both his father and his uncle.


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