Never Heard Before Confession About Jon Jones’ Floyd Mayweather-Like Abilities Disclosed by Michael Jai White After Training With UFC Champ- “He Naturally Did It”

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UFC HW champ Jon Jones has never lost a match in the UFC (except for the controversial DQ loss back in the day) and that takes brawn and brains. The fight game is as mental as it is physical – perhaps more mental than it is physical in some aspects of the sport. Therefore, to be an undefeated champ in the UFC, a fighter needs to be both physically dominating and mentally sharp as well. This is what a Hollywood celebrity complimented Jones about.

Michael Jai White, who is a renowned name in Hollywood, is also a trained and decorated martial artist. He is known for movies like Blood and Bone, Never Back Down: No Surrender, and more. He is well-respected in both circles. That is why, when he was all praises about Jon Jones, there was no doubt that Jones really could be the GOAT of the UFC. In fact, White even compared Jones with the undefeated boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather.

The star power and reputation that Floyd Mayweather has in the combat circle, is irrefutable. In the world of boxing, there is no bigger name today than Floyd Mayweather. However, in the UFC, there is a fighter who has achieved something very similar. The current UFC HW champ Jon Jones, who used to fight in the light heavyweight division earlier, has done great things in the Octagon.

Michael Jai White, who is often seen rubbing shoulders with other fighters and martial artists, trained with Jon Jones. He was so impressed with Jones’ fight intelligence that he couldn’t help but speak highly of him and his skills. In an interview with djvlad on YouTube, Michael Jai White made a comparison that made a lot of sense, but nobody had really thought of yet.

Jones is, what I talk about like with – with… with Mayweather.“, said Michael Jai White, right off the bat. However, he was far from being done. The Hollywood icon had a lot more to say about how impressive Jones was as a fighter. “Jones is smart as sh*t. That dude is so wise, calm, and calculated. He’s probably… his – his fighting… you know, his fighting intelligence…“, he said.

Jones has also stirred up a lot of controversies in the past, for going in and winning fights against opponents like it was nothing. A lot of fighters have had a lot to say about that – some even made substance allegations. However, Jones proved, time and again, that he is one of the best fighters the UFC has ever seen. “The first time I ever saw Jones I was like, nobody’s beating that dude…’ the first time, before anybody – I was like… I looked at the way he would choose his weapons and was so calm and his acceleration was such at a relaxed place, the thing – the thing that I always tried to get students to do, he naturally did it,” pointed out White, explaining what makes Jon Jones better than the others.

Now that Jones is the heavyweight champ, his upcoming fight against Stipe Miocic could be the final badge on his shoulder. If Jones can secure a win over Miocic, there will be no doubt left that Jones is really the best to have ever done it. But then, will he retire after that fight? Or is Tom Aspinall on the cards as well?

Everyone knows that Michael Jai White and Jon Jones are really fond of each other. However, the fact that both icons have so many great things to say about each other is heartwarming. There is an old video of an interview where Michael Jai White was seen reacting to a video of him with Jon Jones. In the video, Jon Jones expressed his gratitude and conveyed his respects to Michael Jai White – for being able to train with him.

Then White responded, calling him the GOAT. In answer to this, Jon Jones said something that made the jaws of all fight fans drop. “I’m gonna post the video on my social media account. I got humbled. I got humbled today.”, said Jones, after White called him the GOAT.

Humbling a fighter like Jones is not something that people can imagine. If White had really done that, how good is he really? Who do you think wins a real fight between Jon Jones and Michael Jai White? Let us know in the comments below.

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