Ranking the 10 Most Important Wrestlers in WWE and AEW

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Top talent is essential to any wrestling promotion, and All Elite Wrestling and WWE currently have a strong crop of names ready to lead each company into the future.

AEW is in good hands as the fans’ favorite scarf-wearing scumbag continues to grow into his role as a main eventer. Meanwhile, The Tribal Chief is on a generational run, with another second-generation star waiting for his chance at retribution.

On WWE Raw, a new stable has risen to power, and a colorful character seeks to create a new legacy as the world heavyweight champion. It will take some time, but the new title has offered the show a refreshing change of pace.

Pro wrestling is in a great place now that there’s more parity and healthy alternatives. These 10 wrestlers are important to the growth of their respective brands.

10. Athena

Athena is, debatably, the best women’s champion in the United States. And she is, unquestionably, the most prominent star on Ring of Honor programming.

The Fallen Goddess is the most present titleholder on the show, and her feud with Willow Nightingale has defined the promotion’s second year under Tony Khan.

9. FTR

FTR have been a focal point on Collision since their debut. The AEW world tag team champions produced top-notch matches with Adam Cole and MJF and Bullet Club Gold on Saturday night.

In fact, their work with the latter helped to elevate Jay White and this iteration of his stable after a slow start with the company.

The duo also delivered a fantastic match with The Young Bucks at All In in London, and they’re set to face Aussie Open at WrestleDream on Oct. 1.

8. Gunther

Gunther has been WWE’s preeminent workhorse champion for a solid year. He also stood out as the runner-up in the 2023 men’s Royal Rumble match.

His record-breaking Intercontinental Championship reign has made him one of the most compelling villains in pro wrestling. As a result, The Ring General has become a consummate final boss for wrestlers like Chad Gable to overcome.

7. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is a proven household name. Her jump to NXT to attain its women’s title was successful for WWE as it produced a substantial ratings boost and exposed Tiffany Stratton to a larger audience.

The Man’s feud with Trish Status also produced a Match of the Year candidate at Payback. She must be an early front-runner to win the 2024 women’s Royal Rumble match following a strong performance in July’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

6. Swerve Strickland

Swerve Strickland has quietly become one of the top heels in the industry over the past few months. His rivalry with Darby Allin and upcoming match with “Hangman” Adam Page has produced some of the best segments and matches on AEW Dynamite.

The head of The Mogul Embassy also oozes crossover appeal as a rapper who was covered by XXL magazine and participated in an interview with DJ Drewski of Hot 97. Meanwhile, Prince Nana’s dance is quickly becoming an internet sensation.

5. Seth Rollins

Although Roman Reigns remains the top WWE champion, Seth Rollins has been a significant figure in his absence.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship has provided a much-needed prize for Raw. Since his title win at Night of Champions in May, The Visionary has held and defended the mantle well.

His current feud with Shinsuke Nakamura has revitalized The King of Strong Style, and Rollins’ presence has made the title scene much less predictable.

4. Cody Rhodes

Despite his loss at WrestleMania 39, Cody Rhodes still seems like the most believable contender in pursuit of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The second-generation star even earned an endorsement from Brock Lesnar.

The American Nightmare is poised to become the face of the company even though WWE continues to stretch out his story with Roman Reigns. Furthermore, his exit from AEW and influence in signing Jade Cargill could lead to more acquisitions from the alternative promotion he helped to create.

3. The Judgment Day

In the aftermath of The Bloodline implosion, The Judgment Day has become the most dominant stable in WWE. The fearsome foursome is the most visible act on Raw, and they’ve been instrumental in the rise of interest in NXT.

Rhea Ripley has been a popular champion since her win against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39, but the entire crew is currently draped in gold. In addition, Damian Priest is still an impending threat as Señor Money in the Bank.

2. MJF

MJF has stepped up as the flagbearer for AEW. He is possibly one of the best champions in the history of the company as a consummate draw and an integral part of its programming.

His matches always deliver, and his reluctant friendship with Adam Cole has become one of the most talked-about storylines of 2023. This has been an incredible year for MJF, filled with career-defining moments such as the main event of All In at Wembley Stadium.

1. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is still the biggest star in wrestling and the face of WWE. He was at the heart of the hottest storyline in the industry with The Bloodline, and he consistently generates a colossal ratings boost and top merchandise sales.

No one else is more important to their company than The Tribal Chief. If you possibly doubt this, it’s apparent on SmackDown, which is much more entertaining when he’s on television.

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