Days After LeBron James Goes Berserk Over Deion Sanders, Ex Teammate Dismantles Dan Lenning for Pretentious Behaviour

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Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes have taken the sporting world by storm. They have names like LeBron James fanboying over their ecstatic start to the football season. Not to mention, they have a fair share of haters as well. After a heartbreaking loss to Oregon State recently, the rival head coach spoke out against the team.

Hours after his clip went viral across social media platforms, a former NBA player sided with coach Dan Lanning. Joining in the debate, LeBron’s championship-winning teammate defended Sanders and the Buffaloes.

The University of Colorado Boulder’s football team, the Buffaloes, had an underwhelming 1-11 record last season. Sanders joined as head coach in December and there has been a resurgence ever since.

Not to mention, there has been a lot of media coverage for the team because of Coach Prime. Before their game against Colorado, Oregon’s coach Dan Lanning threw some shade at Sanders. ‘They’re fighting for clicks, we’re fighting for wins. There’s a difference. This game isn’t gonna be played in Hollywood, it’s gonna be played on the grass”, said Lanning.

On the ground, the Oregon Ducks dominated the Buffaloes and secured a 42-6 victory. The fans loved the banter and this clip instantly went viral.

Chandler Parsons, a former NBA player for the Houston Rockets, seemed to agree with Coach Lanning. “Well said”, wrote Parsons on Twitter. But, the former Cleveland Cavaliers star and eminent media analyst, Richard Jefferson, was having none of that. “So he invited the cameras in because he didn’t want clicks?.. c’mon”, wrote the 2016 NBA champion on Twitter.

LeBron James is a huge fan of Coach Prime

Deion Sanders has received a lot of love from sports fans across the world. However, he has many haters as well, and Sanders had a message for them recently. He shared a message for his haters on Twitter which urged the NBA’s All-Time Top Scorer to react. “Do It All The Time! And by now they should know I don’t forget a dang on thing!!”, wrote James while quoting Sanders’ message.


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