When Liv Morgan made veteran WWE star carry her on his shoulders; he struggled to do it

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Back in 2019, Liv Morgan and Carmella were booked for an inter gender match during a WWE live show. They were partnered with Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth, respectively.

During the match, the superstars provided the fans with several spots of entertainment, but one has aged like fine wine through the years.

It so happens that at one point during the match, Carmella was on R-Truth’s shoulders, and he was able to hold her quite easily. However, Shelton Benjamin struggled to pick up Liv Morgan and place her on his shoulders.

Morgan was visibly frustrated at Benjamin’s efforts while Carmella and R-Truth broke character to crack up in laughter. In a twist of fate, as soon as Benjamin was finally able to lift Morgan onto his shoulders, Truth put Carmella down and the referee forced Benjamin to do the same. All that effort went in complete vain!

Maxxine Dupri shares insight about Liv Morgan

Maxxine Dupri is working with The Alpha Academy on the main roster. However, her call-up wasn’t as smooth as one expects.

During an interview with Fightful, Dupri revealed that WWE gave her only a couple of hours’ notice before the main roster call-up. Morgan took her under her wing and helped her out with make-up and catering, among other things.

“My first day, Liv Morgan took me under her wing and showed me catering, where to get my makeup done and how to prepare. It was a crazy, crazy, high-stress day, but I’m so grateful for it.”

Morgan’s last WWE match was against Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville on WWE RAW alongside Raquel Rodriguez. Morgan and Rodriguez had put the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles on the line, but were not able to successfully defend them.

The match ended with Green and Deville being crowned the new champions.


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