Virat Kohli’s comments revisited as Rohit Sharma forgets passport yet again

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On Sunday, September 17, following the Asia Cup 2023 win, Team India prepared to leave their hotel in Colombo for the nearby airport. As they climbed aboard the bus, the team captain, Rohit Sharma, humorously realized he had left his passport behind.

The entire Team India joined in amusingly mocking the 36-year-old captain until a member of the support staff delivered the forgotten passport. Sharma, who confesses to easiness in forgetting things, had checked out from the hotel and got on the bus, only realizing later that he left his passport still in his room.

A video capturing Rohit’s embarrassment, currently spreading across the internet, shows the team giving a hearty cheer when they found out about the forgotten passport, adding to the leader’s blushes. Sharma, the last to board the team bus, gratefully received his passport from the support staff member who had swiftly retrieved it, allowing the bus to depart. They then went on their way to the airport.

Virat Kohli’s Remark About Rohit Sharma: Five Years On and Still Relevant

In 2017, on a YouTube show, former Indian captain, Virat Kohli, shared a candid conversation with Gaurav Kapur, during which he disclosed Rohit Sharma’s notorious forgetfulness. Kohli stated, “I’ve never seen anyone as forgetful as Rohit Sharma. He tends to leave behind not just trivialities but essential everyday items like his iPad, wallet, and phone.”

According to Kohli, Sharma has even overlooked his passport a handful of times, proving quite challenging to retrieve, an anecdote that leaves their fans amused. However, Kohli also pointed out that the Indian opener is meticulous about never forgetting his cricket kit.

India is gearing up to challenge the five-time world champions, Australia, in a three-match one-day internationals (ODIs) beginning on September 22.


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