Eddie Hearn Waiting/Hoping Contract For Joshua Vs. Wilder From Saudis

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Eddie Hearn says he’s in “limbo,” waiting for the contract from the Saudis that might never come for the Anthony Joshua vs. Deontay Wilder fight. Surprisingly, Hearn hasn’t given a drop-dead timeline for when he’ll move on, but it could be soon, judging from how flustered he is.

Hearn says the Joshua-Wilder fight could occur in Las Vegas or the UK and will do well in those locations. But obviously, the money that AJ would receive fighting there would be nowhere near what the Saudis would have paid. Have The Saudis Changed Their Mind? Hearn doesn’t explain why the Saudis have delayed sending the contract. Still, it’s reasonable to assume that they’re no longer enamored with the idea of paying big money for the Joshua vs. Wilder fight after watching AJ’s recent performances against Robert Helenious & Jermaine Franklin.

Joshua’s last six fights: Robert Helenius Jermaine Franklin Oleksandr Usyk – rematch Oleksandr Usyk Kubrat Pulev Andy Ruiz – rematch

The way Joshua has looked in his last six fights, gunshy and afraid to pull the trigger on his punches, you can’t blame the Saudis if they choose not to stage the Joshua-Wilder fight in their country. There are a ton of fighters that show more fire than Joshua, who looks like a fragmented, broken shell of the guy he’d been when he turned pro in 2013. “Until we receive a contract to do that fight, it’s not happening. Now does that come this week, does it come in two months, does it come at, all I don’t know,” said Hearn to Boxing Social about the contract he’s waiting for from the Saudis for the Joshua vs. Wilder fight.

Joshua Not Limited To Saudi Arabia It would be a good idea for Hearn to stop waiting for the Saudis and move on with Joshua to stage that fight in Vegas or London. If Hearn truly believes that a fight with Tyson Fury will happen for Joshua next year, he should avoid matching him against Wilder and focus on another journeyman-level opponent to ensure he doesn’t lose.

Joshua took a lot of punishment in his last fight against 39-year-old Robert Helenius, and it’s clear from watching that contest that Wilder will mow him down. “So we’re a little bit in limbo, obviously. We were working with people we’ve worked with, and when they tell us it’s done, generally it’s done, but on this occasion, it’s not yet done.

“We’re not limited to doing that in Saudi Arabia or the Middle East,” said Hearn. Instead of Hearn talking about Joshua not being limited to Saudi Arabia, he needs to show some pride and move on already.

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