WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Live Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Sept. 8

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One week after her return, Charlotte Flair teamed with Shotzi Friday night on SmackDown to battle Damage CTRL’s Bayley and WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky in tag team action.

The women’s division showdown was one of three matches announced ahead of time for the Fox broadcast, which also included a blockbuster main event pitting AJ Styles and Jimmy, and a rare blue brand appearance from Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Judgment Day.

What went down, who emerged victoriously and what did it mean for a brand building toward its Fastlane premium live event?

Announced in advance of Friday’s show were:

    • AJ Styles vs. Jimmy Uso
    • The Brawling Brutes (Butch and Ridge Holland) vs. The Judgment Day (Damian Priest and Finn Balor)
    • Shotzi and Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley and Iyo Sky

Shotzi and Charlotte Flair kicked off Friday’s episode of SmackDown with a big win over Bayley and Iyo Sky that enhanced the former’s recent push.

It was the post-match staredown between Sky and the returning Asuka, who taunted The Goddess of the Sky with her own WWE Women’s Championship, that was the bigger story of the segment.

The Empress of Tomorrow lost the title at SummerSlam to Bianca Belair, who turned around and dropped it Sky by way of a Money in the Bank cash-in. Asuka never received a contractually obligated rematch and if the confrontation this week is any indication, that is likely to change.

Especially considering Sky issued a formal challenge to Asuka in a backstage promo after the match.

It was nice to see Shotzi score the pin and build on her win from last week, with a win in a solid tag team opener, and the added element of Asuka meant this segment carried more gravity than it otherwise may have.


Shotzi and Flair defeated Bayley and Sky



Top Moments and Takeaways

    • Graves asked what Shotzi would do to build on her momentum following her victory over Bayley last week. Ironically enough, fans have asked what WWE Creative is going to do to build on her momentum on a few different occasions since her main roster call-up.
    • Sky intercepted Shotzi, blocking her from making the tag to her partner. Instead of pulling her into the heels’ corner, she left her there, walked across the ring, and tagged in Bayley. Drag her over and make her work to get back to the ring instead of creating obvious logic gaps.
    • Asuka appeared at the conclusion of the match, distracting Sky and holding the WWE Women’s Championship. Shotzi took advantage, flattening Bayley for the win.
    • In an attempt to get in Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman’s good graces, Jimmy Uso attacked AJ Styles in a backstage segment.

LA Knight vs. Austin Theory

3 OF 6



A verbal back and forth between LA Knight, Austin Theory, and Grayson Waller gave way to a match between the latter two, which ended with the hottest star in professional wrestling scoring the win with Blunt Force Trauma and leaving the heels dismayed.

A good, solid pro wrestling match, it served its purpose of putting Knight over and introducing two new foils for him to spar with in the coming weeks.

Theory and Waller are great as mates and putting them opposite Knight will only help intensify the incredible popularity of The Megastar and in the process, earn them more heat and television time.


Knight defeated Theory



Top Moments and Takeaways

    • “Soak all this in, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame because when I’m done with you, The Miz ain’t gonna waste his time,” Theory told Knight.
    • Theory and Waller have great on-screen chemistry and are going to be a hell of a fun heel act to watch in the coming weeks and months if the powers that be opt to keep them together.
    • Backstage, Knight interrupted Paul Heyman talking business with Adam Pearce. After receiving another match with The Miz on next week’s show, he was told by Heyman to make sure he knocks next time. “Yeah,” he said, toned down and deadly serious.

Butch and Ridge Holland vs. Damian Priest and Finn Balor

4 OF 6



The Judgment Day sought to continue its takeover of WWE, expanding to SmackDown where they battled Butch and Ridge Holland of The Brawling Brutes.

Priest and Balor earned the win, defeating their very game opponents decisively and fairly.

Midway through the match, cameras panned backstage, where Pretty Deadly watched Holland and Butch compete, their first appearance since Elton Prince was injured in a match with the babyfaces a few months back.

That feud is likely to resume once Prince is cleared for action. One we may not have to wait for, though, is Judgment Day vs. the rebooted Hurt Business.

Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits hit the ring after the match and warned the tag champions that it will be him and his teammates that dominate, not Judgment Day. In terms of a high-profile feud that helps Lashley, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins build momentum as a trio, there are far worse options to pain them with than the uber-over Judgment Day.

Great stuff with the tease of an upcoming program that fans can get excited about and anticipatory for.


Balor and Priest defeated Butch and Holland



Top Moments and Takeaways

    • The crowd in Boston was so loudly booing Mysterio at one point that they drowned him out.
    • Cole put over Butch’s performance in the NXT Global Heritage Cup, calling his match with Axiom the best of the tournament.
    • Pretty Deadly made their return to SmackDown TV, watching the match from the back to the delight of Corey Graves, insinuating that the feud between them and the Brawling Brutes is not over.
    • “You’re right: The Bloodline is crumbling, but it’s not the Judgment Day that’s gonna be taking over. It’s gonna be us,” Lashley warned.

AJ Styles vs. Jimmy Uso

5 OF 6



Jimmy Uso cannot get out of his own way.

After expressing his desire to rejoin the Bloodline and promising to prove himself, he proceeded to lose to AJ Styles in Friday’s main event, succumbing to a Phenomenal Forearm as the former WWE champion earned a hard-fought victory.

While that thread will be a prominent one in the coming weeks, so too will be a burgeoning faction war between The Bloodline and The Judgment Day, as teased twice on the show.

After Styles’ victory, Damian Priest and Finn Balor attacked him, then offered him up on a silver platter for Solo Sikoa, who laid The Phenomenal One out to close out the show.

Could WWE be heading toward Priest, Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and Rhea Ripley battling The Bloodline? Or is it a thinly veiled cover for Priest ultimately cashing in on Roman Reigns?

Whatever the case, it was an intriguing way to end Friday’s show and one that should create some buzz among fans interested in what happens next.




Styles defeated Uso

Top Moments and Takeaways

    • Heyman and Solo Sikoa emerged from the backstage area, an interesting development since the former told Uso earlier in the night that his younger brother would not be there.
    • Uso wore his “We The Ones,” shirt, reiterating his desire to rejoin The Bloodline, something he communicated to Heyman earlier in the show.
    • Styles wiped out Sikoa at ringside, threatened Heyman and sent Uso into the ring post. Moments later, he delivered the Phenomenal Forearm for the win.
    • After the match, Judgment Day attacked Styles and rolled him into the ring, offering him up to Sikoa, who leveled The Phenomenal One to close out the show.

Overall Grade

6 OF 6

Friday’s show was an in-ring heavy episode, with three matches getting multiple segments of television time. All three of those matches were good-to-very-good, making the most of their minutes.

Throw in some key storyline developments and teases of new feuds, including your first look at LA Knight vs. The Bloodline, and you have a show that one the surface looked rather lethargic but may very well have sowed the seeds for programs that will carry the company into the new year and the all-important WrestleMania season.

Grade: B+

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