Boxing star Anthony Joshua reveals what he ‘got’ from meeting Verstappen

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Boxer Anthony Joshua has said that Max Verstappen is a unique character in the world of sport.

Verstappen won his home race at the Dutch Grand Prix last weekend, his ninth consecutive race win, equalling the record for the most amount of consecutive Formula 1 victories.

With victory, he also took a step closer to winning his third consecutive world championship title and is looking in supreme form.

A former world champion in boxing, Joshua knows a thing or two about what it takes to be at the top of an elite sport, and he had some kind words to say about Verstappen.

“I get the privilege as an athlete, of meeting so many unique people and I take so much from them, whether they are doctors or whether they are people that are doing everyday jobs,” he told Sky Sports’ F1 show

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“Everyone has got a story, and with Max, what I got from him is confidence and also relaxed in his ability. When you know, you just know. He doesn’t overthink anything.”

It’s not the first time Verstappen’s confidence has been praised. He’s a very self-assured individual who seems to be able to switch on his concentration every time he flicks down the visor.

He has now won 11 of the 13 races so far this season, and isn’t showing any signs of stopping there.

His 46 career race wins already puts him fifth in the all-time standings for F1 victories, and he is only 25.

Who’d bet against him breaking into the top three and overtaking former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel’s 53 race wins before the end of the season?

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