Lakers News: The Athletic Launches LeBron James Podcast

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It is pretty much a given at this point that when Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James decides to call it a career, a documentary will eventually roll out and he will sit down and answer some of the biggest questions about his rise to stardom in the NBA. James already has a very successful video production company known as Springhill Entertainment and the producer of Michael Jordan’s ‘The Last Dance’ docu-series reportedly was capturing footage of The King in his most recent season.

However, that type of project does take time to put together and perfect and James is not done on the hardwood just yet. He will be returning to the purple and gold for at least one more season and will do so with as deep of a roster as he has had in years.

But for the meantime, loyal fans of The King can re-live his greatest moments and most critical moments of his career thanks to The Athletic. They will be launching a podcast by the name of ‘A King’s Reign’ and will have a number of guests that got to experience his greatness up close.

“A King’s Reign,” a podcast series reported, narrated, produced and edited by The Athletic, with insights from the people who grew up with, lockered next to, campaigned with, toasted victory and cried in defeat with arguably the greatest basketball player of all time.”(Via The Athletic)

The Athletic’s Joe Vardon detailed a number of topics that will be covered during the episodes.

“Still to come is a deep dive into James leaving the Cavs for the Heat, his historic four years in Miami and his stunning return to Cleveland and, of course, the 2016 title run. We take a long look at LeBron, the global business man; LeBron, the social activist; LeBron, the actor; and LeBron, the face of the league. There was his signature achievement as a member of the history-rich Lakers, leading them to the championship in 2020 and his rivalry-turned-friendship with Stephen Curry.”


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