Serena Williams, Andela investors’ networth approaches $300 million

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Serena Williams, widely regarded as the greatest female tennis player in history, is on the brink of achieving a remarkable net worth valuation of nearly $300 million. 

According to data monitored by Nairametrics on Forbes, Serena Williams was listed among America’s Self-Made Women in 2023 with a net worth of $260 million.

However, in the time that has passed since then, her net worth has surged to $290 million. 

At age 41, Serena has been recognized as one of the world’s highest-paid athletes, with a winnings of approximately $300,000.

She also has endorsements valued at a staggering $45 million. 

After retiring from professional tennis in 2022, Serena Williams, a mother of two, who just welcomed her second baby concluded a remarkable career during which she earned nearly $95 million in prize money. 

Retired from sports, she has channelled her wealth into venture capital investments in startups across the globe. 

Serena Williams’s Investments in Nigerian Startups 

Serena Williams established a $111 million venture fund a year ago through Serena Ventures, an investment fund founded in 2014. Serena Ventures has since backed 30 companies spanning e-commerce, fashion, and social goods, aligning with its mission of supporting enterprises that champion diverse leadership, individual empowerment, creativity, and opportunity. 

Andela, a company that aligns with these said values, also received support from Serena Ventures. Known for its diverse team of co-founders and executives and local lead directors in the countries where it operates.  

In addition to Andela, Serena Ventures has extended its support to Coinbase, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, Masterclass, the online learning platform, and Wave, a remittance service available in five African countries. 

In a noteworthy move, Serena Williams’s venture capital firm injected $3.3 million into Stears Inc., a Nigerian data and insights firm, last year.

This funding initiative was spearheaded by Serena Ventures and received support from MaC Enterprise Capital, Omidyar Group’s Luminate Fund, Melo 7 Tech Companions, and Cascador, as reported by Bloomberg. 

Serena Williams revealed that this investment in Stears Inc. marked just the beginning of Serena Williams’s growing interest in African companies.

She expressed her intention to focus more on investments in the continent following her retirement from tennis after the US Open in September. 

Other sources of Serena Williams’s wealth 

Even as she embarks on her second act, Serena Williams maintains endorsement deals with over a dozen prominent brands and remains active as an investor through her firm, Serena Ventures. 

Furthermore, she co-founded Will Perform, a startup launched in December 2022 dedicated to creating products for topical pain relief and muscle and skin care.

In April 2023, Serena expanded her horizons by launching Nine Two Six Productions, a multimedia company aimed at bolstering her role as a producer.

Additionally, she made a cameo appearance in the 2022 film “Glass Onion.” 

Her contributions extend to the literary world, with her first children’s book released in September 2022.

Serena Williams also holds a minority stake in the Miami Dolphins, rounding out her multifaceted and impressive portfolio of achievements. 

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