Shakur Stevenson Believes Gervonta Davis Will Fight Him “In Near Future”

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By Craig Daly: Shakur Stevenson predicts that a fight with the Mayweather-promoted Gervonta ‘Tank’ David will happen soon and will be the “biggest boxing fight in the world” when it goes down. Unfortunately for the 26-year-old Shakur (20-0, 10 KOs), he’s likely to be ignored for many years, if not permanently, by Tank Davis because his promoter, Floyd Mayweather Jr., is very calculated, and he only puts him in sure-thing fights where he 100% will win. Tank Davis is a little money machine, churning out green in no-risk fights, beating weak opposition like Ryan Garcia, Isaac Cruz, Leo Santa Cruz, Hector Garcia, and Rolly Romero. It doesn’t take an Einstein to see that the management for Tank Davis has no interest in matching him against someone like Shakur, who could throw a wrench into the green that he’s churning by beating scrubs.

Shakur sounds naive to the world, thinking that someday Tank Davis will fight him. Hopefully, Shakur’s promoter Bob Arum, can talk some sense into him to let him know that the only way Mayweather will allow him anywhere near his golden goose Tank is when he’s old & gray and only has a few marbles rolling around in his head.

Shakur is too hard to hit and defensive-minded for Mayweather to pull the trigger on this fight by allowing Gervonta (29-0, 27 KOs) to fight him. Floyd has the Baltimore native Tank Davis making easy money fighting scrubs with no chance of winning and using catch weights & rehydration clauses to ensure victory further. “There’s only one fight. Me and Tank is going to be the biggest boxing fight in the world when it happens. I can see it happening not too far in the future. I think Tank will sign that contract, and I’m going to sign the contract too,” said Shakur Stevenson to 2ndWindPod about his belief that Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis will fight him. “Hell, no [fight with Tank WON’T happen at 147]. 135, 40, I don’t know,” said Shakur when asked what weight class he’ll fight Gervonta. “It’s a business.”

The only way that the Newark, New Jersey native Shakur can get a fight with Gervonta is if he becomes a massive superstar, but that takes many years due to all the worthwhile opposition avoiding him like the plague.

Given Shakur’s size, his days at 135 are numbered, and he’ll likely need to move up to 140 soon, which is probably where he should be right now. Shakur has more of a chance of making big fights happen at 140 than he does at 135 because he would be able to fight these guys potentially

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