“Where the FK You Been?”: Mike Tyson’s Confrontational Remarks Leaves Boxing World in Splits

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Mike Tyson is widely known for his destructive power and his legendary status in the boxing world. He became the youngest Heavyweight champion in the world. However, that is not everything there is to the resume of one of the greatest boxers of all time. He has also had his hands-on acting and has made appearances in several movies. He is also in the cannabis industry as well as a successful podcast host. However, what’s surprising is that he has also been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

He has made multiple appearances on WWE and has a long history with the franchise. When he was given the honor he even stated, “I was the youngest heavyweight champion of all time, but the most fun I ever had in the ring was with WWE.” Recently a clip of Tyson and DJ Whoo Kid surfaced on YouTube. In the video, his co-host spoke about how “Wrestling is a lot of physical sh*t.” To this, Tyson replied that one needs a lot of cardio for that and Kid ends up asking if he is in the Hall of Fame. As Kid shares his surprise, Tyson suddenly remarks, “Where the f*** you been?”.

As the video of  Mike Tyson surfaced on YouTube, fans couldn’t help but lose it over the unexpected detail he revealed in the video. His remarks to Whoo Kid left the entire boxing community amused and intrigued. Fans have responded with a mixture of awe and humor to Tyson’s antics. One fan crackmastergeneral, jokingly remarked that Tyson had set up a trap for his co-host to fall into. He wrote, “Mike setting traps.”

Another fan, Brian Jonson recalled a memorable moment that involves the boxing legend’s cameo at Wrestlemania. He recollected, “I still remember watching that Tyson cameo at Wrestlemania. Shawn Michaels got his world rocked with that hook.” This refers to his historic appearance at the WrestleMania XIV main event. Meanwhile a fan, The Reaper Show dubbed Tyson as a “secret boss”. He claimed, “Tyson is not completing side quests, he is the secret boss lol.”

Xiepsilon shared his surprise at Tyson being a WWE Hall of Famer. He jokingly remarked that Tyson can be found doing “every random a** s**t at this point”. Another fan, Briana Johnson was also surprised at the news. She jokingly remarked that “when you can punch like Iron Mike”, even great wrestling superstars would like to become their “tag team partner!”.

Facediaper OG jokingly asked who would be daring enough to “disagree with iron Mike?”


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