Mike Tyson leaves Dana White utterly bemused with sudden Bon Jovi rendition and bizarre way he says KSI

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MIKE TYSON left Dana White utterly bemused by performing a sudden blast of Bon Jovi – before confusing him even more with his bizarre pronunciation of KSI.

The boxing legend welcomed the UFC president on to his “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast last week.

The two men spoke about a number of topics, and the conversation soon turned to their musical influences in the 1980s.

White said: “I grew up in the 80s when rap really started to take off, [with] Run-D.M.C, LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys, the Fat Boys [and] Salt-N-Pepa.”

However, before the 54-year-old was able to go on listing more artists, the Baddest Man on the Planet randomly burst into song, singing: “You give love a bad name.”

White, who went silent for a split-second, then told Iron Mike: “That’s Bon Jovi.”

After footage went viral online, on fan said: .“Damn I laughed way to hard at this lol.”

Another added: “Bro, Mike sang his heart out.”

But that was not the only hilariously awkward moment between the two men during the podcast.

The pair started discussing the much-maligned Paul brothers.

Logan Paul is the co-founder of hit drinks company Prime alongside fellow social media star KSI and they sponsor the UFC.

White said: “[Logan] is f***ing brilliant, he’s raking in big dough.

“Logan Paul is a business man. This kid is really making some big moves and KSI too. Those kids are making real money and doing their thing.”

Tyson interrupted him though by singing: “KSI.”

The whole room fell silent before White asked: “What’s that?”

Tyson repeated himself by once again singing the Brit’s name with an alongated I at the end, to which the clearly bemused White replied “yup” before awkward laughter filled the room.

KSI and Logan will both be in action on the same fight card on October 14.

The Brit faces Tommy Fury, who beat Jake Paul last time out, while Logan takes on MMA fighter Dillon Danis.


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