Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo: Mike Tyson’s prediction sparks Charlo’s immediate response

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The clash between Canelo Alvarezand Jermell Charlo scheduled for September 30 is generating a whirlwind of anticipation. As the event draws near, iconic former champion Mike Tyson has weighed in with his thoughts, envisioning Canelo‘s dominance over Charlo. However, Charlo, who is ascending two weight classes for a shot at Canelo’s undisputed super middleweight championship, remains resolute in the face of this forecast.

Charlo’s response to Tyson’s prediction has been nothing short of poised and self-assured. Acknowledging Tyson’s legendary status, Charlo stated, “Mike Tyson is Mike Tyson – he could say whatever he wants. He’s the GOAT, he’s a legend. It’s cool.” This acknowledgment of Tyson’s stature underscores the respect Charlo holds for the boxing greats who have paved the way before him.

Charlo further expanded on his mindset, expressing his commitment to greatness and his aspirations to make 2023 a defining year for the sport. “And that’s the thing about me, I’m being great right now, I’m trying to be great and be the greatest that I could be, so to go in there and get a dude like Canelo out of there and just putting on bigger performances in 2023, it’s been the best year in boxing,” Charlo asserted. This unwavering determination showcases Charlo’s ambition to seize the moment and make his mark in the annals of boxing history.

Charlo’s powerful response to Tyson’s predictions

In response to Tyson’s words, Charlo also recognized the essence of competition. “I think I have nothing to worry about but Mike Tyson is the man. He could say what he wants to say but I got to get in there and fight, Canelo got to get in there and fight,” Charlo remarked. This acknowledgement of the true nature of the sport, where actions inside the ring speak louder than any pre-fight predictions, exemplifies Charlo’s focus on the task at hand.

Charlo‘s preparations for the upcoming bout have been unwavering. “I’ve been training and I’ve been knowing about this fight, I’ve been had this fight locked in,” Charlo emphasized. With just over a month left, Charlo’s dedication to his training regimen showcases his commitment to delivering a performance worthy of the grand stage.

Addressing any confusion surrounding the matchup, Charlo clarified that it was indeed him, not his twin brother Jermall Charlo, who was always intended to face Canelo. “It was Jermell Charlo fighting [Canelo] from the beginning,” he stated with conviction. As he points out his physique as evidence of his readiness for the challenge, Charlo reinforces his identity as the ‘big Charlo,’ poised to make an indelible mark.

As the date approaches, the world of boxing eagerly anticipates the clash between Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo. With Charlo’s unshakeable determination and the boxing world watching, the stage is set for an electrifying showdown that could reshape the course of the sport.

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