“Sugar” Shane Mosley On What Happens If Tank Davis Moves Up To 147 To Fight Terence Crawford: “He Probably Stops Him”

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Some time back (not too long ago but at the same time not all that recently) Gervonta Davis said that if he moved up to 147 pounds to fight Terence Crawford, he would knock him out.

Tank saying he would do it inside six rounds. That’s some bold prediction, especially now, seeing how special Crawford was in taking Errol Spence apart. And Hall of Famer “Sugar” Shane Mosley is not in agreement with Tank.

Speaking with FightHype, the former lightweight, welterweight, light-middleweight champ said it would be other way around if the fight happened any time soon, with Tank being the guy getting stopped. Mosley of course knows all about moving up the weights fighting the best. As he says in the interview, Mosley moved up from 135 to fight, and defeat, Oscar De La Hoya at welterweight. But that was different, “Sugar” says.
“If Gervonta Davis goes to ’47 now and tries to fight Bud Crawford, I think that Crawford will probably, maybe stop him,” Mosley said. “If Gervonta Davis takes some time to fill into the weight at ’47, it could be a different fight, but I still say Crawford wins. I mean, they say that Gervonta Davis is really big, he walks around pretty big, so he could actually do it. But I mean, Crawford’s arms are too long, he’s a little taller but he has power, he has his speed, he switch-hits…..I mean, I don’t know. I think that Crawford would have the big edge in that fight. But, like I did it; I jumped from lightweight to welterweight to fight Oscar De La Hoya, and I was successful. But the difference with that is, I was actually bigger than Oscar in the Olympics. I was 139 to his 132, so I was really a big fighter anyway. Gervonta Davis is coming from ’26, from ’30, [so] it’s a little different.”

Crawford seems to be more interested in moving up once again himself, to 154 and maybe a fight with Jermell Charlo, but there is no doubt, a Crawford-Davis fight would be hugely intriguing and a fan attraction big time if it happened. But is Mosley right, is Crawford too long, too tall, and just too good for Tank? Davis is a special talent, but Crawford seems to be super-special. Mosley has no doubt that “Bud” is the current pound-for-pound best in the sport, and many people agree with Shane. Who knows, maybe one day, perhaps next year, if both guys are still unbeaten and, more importantly, if they are still within reach of one another weight-wise, Crawford and Tank will get it on. Maybe. But as Crawford said himself a while back, there are weight classes for a reason. Crawford feels he would be too big, as well as too good, for Tank.

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