Just Days After Taking Charge, Tiger Woods Stamps His Authority With an Influential ‘Penalty’ Decision

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Tiger Woods. The name is synonymous with golf and oozes a competitive edge. It is hard to think about the sport without first imagining the legendary golfer who put golf in the headlines with his innate talent not only to play but to win. These days, however, the 82-time PGA Tour winner is not out on the course as much as he was before. But as recent news has made clear, that does not diminish his contributions to golf.

Woods is still undoubtedly leading the show, and his ideas and deeds are just as meaningful from behind the scenes. The recent development in the 2024 season’s schedule of the PGA Tour is the perfect example of just how much the GOAT of golf influences the sport, as a decision went his way instead of the Tours, showing just how much authority he truly holds!

It has been almost a decade since the PGA Tour decided to adhere to a calendar-year season. Many other aspects of professional golf are also changing to fit the new and preferred norms. One of the decisions involves removing the cut line from PGA Tour events, but they can’t do so. As of now, four events are exempt from the new norms and will still follow the cut rule. The reason? Tiger Woods.

I certainly am pushing for my event to have a cut,” the 15-time major championship winner said about the Genesis Invitational, which he hosts. He also explained, as reported by the Sportnow, “I still think that there needs to be a penalty for not playing well, and every event shouldn’t be always guaranteed 72 holes. I think that there should be a cut there.”

The epic golfer has never been a fan of the no-cut rule. He spoke about it back in March, and he stands by his principles that players need to prove themselves in order to play further in any tournament. It is like a rite of passage to win the title. His stance on the rule comes just days after he took on the role of more than just a golfer on the Tour, and it certainly seems like he’s made the best use of his position.

Apart from hosting the Genesis Invitational, which is one of four events that are most likely to follow the cut rule next season, the World Golf Hall of Famer is actively partaking in the reformation of the PGA Tour. He was hailed earlier this month after he accepted the position of 6th Player Director on the PGA’s policy board alongside Rory McIlroy.

A few weeks ago, Woods was feeling incredibly betrayed, and there were speculations of a tiff between him and the American tour. However, his recent actions and participation in making the Tour a better place for golfers seem to be benefiting everyone.

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