Floyd Mayweather drove away after breaking Big Show’s nose before incredible backstage exchange

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Floyd Mayweather’s famous right hand dropped Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya and Conor McGregor during his heyday.

But only Paul Wight aka The Big Show ever made ‘Money’ leave the ring in fear – even after the AEW legend had his nose legitimately shattered.

Wight, at 7ft tall, was involved in one of WWE’s most shocking moments when he faced off with 5ft 6in Mayweather.

The 50-0 boxing legend was in a short-lived boxing retirement in 2008 after beating Hatton and crossed over to wrestling.

Ahead of a no-disqualification match with Big Show at WrestleMania 24 Mayweather confronted the ‘The World’s Largest Athlete’ at WWE‘s No Way Out pay-per-view.

floyd mayweather

During an exclusive interview with sportnow, Wight confirmed that he told Mayweather to break his nose for real during their scuffle.

But the now-51-year-old also admitted that knew straight away that he would see red so he warned Mayweather to flee.

“Floyd’s amazing,” he said.

“I was upset until Shane [McMahon] stood in front of me because there was only about 15 or 20 seconds where, because of adrenaline and hot blood hitting the back of my throat because my nose was busted, that I was a little out of my mind.

“I told [Floyd], ‘hey when you do this, run, because I’m half-nuts so if I get my hands on you…'”Shane was the only one [who came over] because Shane’s got balls bigger than anybody – I remember Shane coming over and saying, ‘you ok? That was awesome!’ As only Shane could do.

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“I knew we had something special then!”

Mayweather heeded Wight’s warning, having jumped straight in a car to leave once his entourage had escorted him through the arena.

floyd mayweather

But WWE had to bring the boxer back later that night to film promotional videos for WrestleMania alongside the man whose nose he had just shattered.

Wight told talkSPORT: “Yeah he left, he was like ‘nah I don’t want any part of it’.

“I remember he peeked in the dressing room [when he later returned], I said, ‘man, good job’.

“Then he relaxed. I think he got it and he was tremendous professionally to work with because he is a showman and he understands the showmanship part of it.

“At that time the angle was so much fun because it’s really hard to do that boxer vs wrestler angle that’s been done.

“It’s an interesting dynamic and try to do it differently and also pull the fans in and make them excited I thought the way that whole thing was done and the story we told it worked out.”

Mayweather, who was reportedly paid $20million for the 12-minute match at WrestleMania, ultimately bested Wight after the hugely dramatic build-up.

But the man himself shared that the pair were actually supposed to be on the same side before injuries led to new plans being made.


Wight added: “Originally that was supposed to be Mayweather and I against Batista and Rey [Mysterio]. It was supposed to be a tag originally.

“Rey got hurt and Dave [Batista] got hurt before we even started the angle.

“Dave had torn a lat and Rey had torn a tricep or something and both of those guys were injured and luckily it was before the angle started so we still had time to reboot.

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