‘From $3,000,000 to $14,400,000’: Joe Rogan Once Divulged to Mike Tyson a ‘Personal Reason’ for Leaving California

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American podcaster Joe Rogan is one of the wealthiest UFC personalities. He is not only affiliated with UFC but also made his name as a stand-up comedian and host of one of the most famous podcasts the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’. Before a couple of years, the 55-year-old struck a $200 million deal with Spotify to bring all of his podcasts to the platform. Despite his association with California, Rogan had enough wealth to move to Texas in a $14,400,000 Mansion from his humble $3,000,000 mansion in California. He revealed the personal reasons behind his switch during his appearance on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson’s podcast.

Mike Tyson and Joe Rogan have grown well accustomed to each other after their appearances together on each other’s podcasts. During, their podcasts the conversation often contains scoops of their private life. During Rogan’s appearance, he revealed a similar aspect of his personal life.

Rogan has moved to Texas from California after staying there for decades. Rogan had earlier spoken about his admiration for California. However, over the years he started to speak out about a lot of issues he had with the state.

mike tyson

Joe Rogan revealed his personal reason to Mike Tyson for leaving a $3 million mansion

Rogan sat down with Mike Tyson for a 420 special podcast. During, the podcast Rogan spoke about what made him switch from his $3 million California mansion to a $14.4 mansion in Texas. Rogan cited his personal issues which had his family involved.

Rogan said, “Well I came out here in May of 2021. LA was locked down and two weeks had become, you know, a couple of months and there was no hint of anything opening up. It was weird, and we came here and it was totally different. We came here and everybody was going out. You go to the lake, there’s people on boats and my Kids jump in the water and they are playing and they’re like ‘we wanna live here’ and I was like I will fuc*king move here, right now. And my wife agreed and we said let’s go, lets try. It was just a different feel.

Rogan spoke about how a trip to Houston, Texas changed his mind about living in California. There were a lot of benefits to his home in California. He even spoke about them during the podcast.

Rogan on the difficult decision to leave California

During the podcast, Rogan stated that it was convenient for him as a comedian and TV show host to live in California. Due to Hollywood, many executives and studio heads live in California, making it easier for Rogan to get work opportunities.

Rogan said, “It’s so nice, people are so nice here. But it was just a different feel than LA and then I realized, part of it is like in LA you’re connected to Television shows and movies. You’re connected to like executives and Studio-Heads and Hollywood. It’s like you’re in a different world, ’cause comedians are always trying to get on those shows.

Rogan wishes to continue living in his $14.4 million mansion in Texas. What’s more, he has even opened his own comedy store in his hometown recently. The guests also don’t mind traveling out to Texas to appear on his podcast.

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